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NVerzion Automates Oceanic Time Warner Cable

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah: Broadcast and television automation provider NVerzion recently announced their delivery of system upgrades to the Oceanic Time Warner Cable facility in Oahu, Hawaii.

The facility now features four on-air automated transmission channels through the NControl system, operating under complete automation.

"One of the chief reasons for our installation of the NVerzion automation package was the huge benefit-versus-cost value it offered," said Jay Yamamoto of Oceanic Time Warner Cable, in a press release. "We reviewed several other automation systems on the market today, but NVerzion was the only solution that provided us with the functionality we needed at the right price point."

Oceanic can record, play, schedule and control its own locally originated channel and use the NGest and NPoint technologies to clean up video files, evaluate and mark video files and for ad insertion. NControl also gives users control over multiple devices such as routers and master control switchers and control can be expanded from a single video server output to as much as encompassing the entire workflow.