NVerzion Adds Automation Server to KVIQ-TV

SALT LAKE CITY—Eureka, Calif.’s CBS TV station, KVIQ-TV, recently added the NVerzion Content Level Automation System Solutions, which includes the CloudNine cloud-based video server, to speed up its file-based workflow and content delivery process.

The CloudNine video server allows KVIQ to simultaneously record and play out audio and video content from third-party commercial and program-delivery systems, as well as update metadata. Using an active loop-through input, the CloudNine monitors the CBS network feed. CBS also provides a VANC trigger that CloudNine detects to start the automation playlist for commercial insertion playout. CloudNine also helps roll out commercials and create ad overlays, including bugs, banners, bulletin boards, crawls, text, and simple animation.

In addition to the CloudNine, NVerzion’s CLASS includes multiple hardware and software components. Among the additional components are the NControl on-air playlists, NGest professional dubbing and recording software, NPoint video presentation software for segmenting and trimming, NBase SQL media database manager, NTime time-driven event scheduling, NConvert manual and automated traffic interface, NCompass dynamic FTP manager, and EMC-Router Ethernet machine control.

The CLASS system aids in the acquisition, prep, and playout operations of KVIQ, as well as enables the broadcaster to control third-party equipment. CLASS also eliminates any single point of failure within the broadcasters’ file-based workflow. KVIQ has the ability to add more features and support additional channels or subchannels to CLASS.