Northwest Community Television Selects DayPort for Internet Video

Northwest Community Television has selected DayPort Inc.'s new Carbon Publish Element (CPE) to expand its audience to the Internet.

CPE is DayPort's new technology for repurposing video content to the Internet and allows organizations to expand their audience through Web publishing. The CPE system consists of three components: the Carbon Publish Element user interface; the Carbon Publish Element Cube, a server that installs on the user's network and the Carbon Publish Network; and the DayPort network where content is published, hosted and managed.

CPE is based on DayPort's flagship system, Carbon Publish, for video publishing and content management.

DayPort said it recognized there were companies that didn't need the Carbon Publisher product platform, but still needed to make their video accessible to a Web audience and CPE is their answer. Channel 12, which provides local news, sports and special events coverage to cable subscribers in Minneapolis, Minn., is one such company.

"Although video streaming has been around for some time, we had some skepticism about the maturity of the technology and held off adopting a solution," said Mike Johnson, manager and assistant executive director at Channel 12. "We are glad we waited, because DayPort is providing us with a great solution."