Nielsen Ratings to Go All-Electronic

NEW YORK—It’s the beginning of the end of the paper era at Nielsen, as it announced that by mid-2017 it will provide all electronic measurement for its local television ratings across all of its 210 designated market areas. Nielsen will incorporate Return Path Data from set-top boxes and other electronic measurement into local services, which will lead to the retiring of paper TV diaries—which 140 TV markets currently utilize—by early 2018.

Return Path Data will be combined with Nielsen’s currency-grade panel data, as well as other electronic measurement, and will be available for all 210 markets on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

“By tapping into the strengths of Return Path Data and electronic measurement, and combining it with Nielsen’s gold-standard panels and meters, we will be delivering a superior product to help all local clients address current challenges and be better positioned for future trends,” said Megan Clarken, president, Nielsen Product Leadership.