NFL Films Chooses Satellite Technology Systems for Super Bowl 2007 Uplink

NFL Films has selected Satellite Technology Systems of Crystal Lake, Ill. to handle the satellite feed arrangements for the 2007 Super Bowl.

STS will provide both standard and high-definition uplinks from its dual-band satellite truck at the Feb. 4 event in Miami.

The special dual-band truck was designed by STS and built by Frontline Communications. A 4.6 meter is used for C-band operations and a 1.8 meter antenna is provided for Ku-band service. The truck is built on a Freightliner Argosy chassis and can deliver SD, HD, MPEG-2 signals.

STS owner and president Charles Spoto said that the dual-band truck was designed to eliminate the need to send two trucks to events where both C-band and Ku-band uplinking is needed.

"You don't have the expense of two trucks traveling to the location," said Spoto. "We are able to provide up to 20 digital paths at once on either band, which is far superior to the one or two available with a standard truck."

STS has provided services for networks including ABC, CBS, CNN, ESPN, Fox and NBC.