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Newton Spidercam Now Part of Croatian Daily News Broadcasts

Newton Spidercam Light
(Image credit: Newton)

LINKÖPING, Sweden—The latest addition to Croatian national public broadcaster HRT’s studio space is a Newton Spidercam Light cable cam system for its daily news program. With the new camera system, HRT can produce moving shots that feature augmented reality graphics.

The HRT studio features two news desks, which the Spidercam is able to move between them during a live broadcast. A few shots are standardized with Spidercam’s motion record features, but most operation is done live by Croatel, the production company that installed the Spidercam, and HRT cameramen.

HRT uses the Spidercam for three news broadcasts, one standup news and two weather reports throughout the day.

The Spidercam Light camera features the Newton S2 Fiber, which controls a Sony P43 4K camera with Canon Cj12x4.3eB 4K lens.

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