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Newspaper Chain Turns to HD (Sort of)

Quincy Newspapers found itself dealing with increasingly unfeasible travel costs for continuing to do business, so it turned to LifeSize HD—based in Austin, Texas.

While this is not a good time for local newspapers or the groups that own many of them, some print guys like Quincy have gone HD in an effort to both change with the times and survive until better days are here again. But they're surviving not with HD broadcasting, for the most part, but with conducting business teleconferences behind the scenes in HD quality—with many of closed circuit "telecasts" in real world life-sized dimensions.

Quincy recently deployed 16 LifeSize HD conference systems at its Quincy, Ill., headquarters and its various regional centers, and said in a statement it now uses HD video "to host a wide range of communications for the company's 800 employees, including weekly departmental head meetings, employee training, and remote job interviews."

Quincy, which does feature some video news content (as do many papers these days ) on their Web sites, said the next step in its new HD realm is to go remote—to include permanently placing HD video systems at recurring reporting sites like hospitals, schools, and city hall. One option from LifeSize provides an "always-on" capability where a print reporter can broadcast live in HD without doing much more prep work than standing in front of the camera.