News tops list for online TV viewers

One in 10 online consumers watches TV broadcasts online, and among them news broadcasts top the list of the types of content viewed, according to the latest Consumer Internet Barometer released Oct. 25.

The Barometer, produced by The Conference Board and researcher TNS, covers 10,000 households across the country and tracks who's doing what on the Internet. It found that more than 62 percent log on for news content, compared to 50 percent who go online for entertainment viewing.

More than two-thirds of online consumers watching online entertainment do so daily and an additional 16 percent log on for entertainment several times a week. About one-third of these households consists of multiple viewers.

Online viewers say personal convenience and avoiding commercials are the top reasons for watching TV broadcasts online. Catching up on missed shows, previews and sports are also among the top draws cited by more than a quarter of viewers.

Only a small percentage of consumers say their traditional TV viewing has decreased, while 75 percent of online viewers report no change in their viewing habits.

The most popular methods of viewing online TV broadcasts are streaming and free download, cited by 53 percent and 49 percent of viewers, respectively. Very few consumers are willing to pay per download or enroll in subscription services.

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