New World Symphony Plays 4K Tune With Hitachi Cams

WOODBURY, N.Y.—Hitachi and the New World Symphony orchestral academy are teaming up to play beautiful music together in 4K. In upgrading its live and other productions to native 4K UHD resolution, New World Symphony has decided to go with a dozen Hitachi SK-UHD4000 cameras.

The addition of the Hitachi cameras, along with Christie projectors, is the first phase of an end-to-end 4K video infrastructure update at the orchestra’s New World Center campus. The multi-format capabilities of the cameras will allow for operators to use the cameras in 1080p HD mode until the remaining infrastructure is upgraded to 4K.

One event that NWS will utilize the Hitachi cameras for is its seasonal WALLCAST concerts. The cameras will capture performances from inside the performance hall and deliver the content to the Christie units for live projection onto a 100x70-foot section of the building’s façade for outside viewing. One hundred Meyer Sound loudspeakers complement the video simulcasts.

NWS plans to use the Hitachi cameras for additional activities, including educational concerts and webcasts; recorded master classes; experimental music videos; image magnification; business development events; third-party rentals; and NWS’ archival concert recordings.

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