New survey finds small differences between sexes over new TV technologies

In the battle of the sexes, digital television doesn’t appear to be as much of a flashpoint as long-held stereotypes have portrayed, according to a new report from Lyra Research.

In its new “Her DTV: Women and TV-Technology Survey, 2005,” the research firm set out to examine the gender factor in the adoption and usage of various digital television technologies, including digital cable and satellite TV, digital video recorders, video on demand and high definition television.

According to Lyra director of electronic media research Steve Hoffenberg, the new survey “dispels the notion that women are not tech-savvy.” While men and women did not respond identically, their differences are “minor compared to the overall similarity of the genders' experiences with digital television," he said.

Among the slight differences:

  • Women are heavier users of VOD services;
  • Men are heavier uses of DVRs;
  • Women are less likely to say they are decision makers when buying an HDTV set.

Lyra Research surveyed 1800 women and a comparative sample of more than 400 men for the report, which appears as part of the company’s DTV View.

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