New Low- to Medium-Power UHF TV Transmitters from Harris

Harris Corporation announced at IBC 2003 it was introducing a new family of UHF TV transmitters for low and medium power applications. The Atlas series of transmitters are easily convertible from analog to digital. Each transmitter features the Hirschman digital TV exciter. The exciter accepts plug-in modules that allow easy conversion between PAL or NTSC analog operation and DVB-T or ATSC digital broadcasting.

The Atlas DTV660L is optimized for DVB-T applications at power levels up to 9 kW, with a single cabinet providing up to 3 kW output power. The analog version of the Atlas can provide up to 30 kW peak output power. Low-power transmitters are air cooled while those over 1.5 kW are liquid cooled.

More information is available in the Harris press release.