New Helical antenna for crew communication

PWS, the Professional Wireless Systems Division of Masque Sound, now offers the HA-8089 Helical antenna, designed to provide reliable, dropout free performance for in-ear monitors, wireless microphones and intercom installations. A package of 15 units performed flawlessly at Super Bowl XL.

The HA-8089 delivers 14dBi of forward gain, and covers a bandwidth from 490MHz to more than 900MHz, with an overall estimated beam width of 57 degrees.

The HA-8094 transfers maximum RF energy regardless of the polarization of the transmitted wave. As the RF energy from an in ear monitor transmitter radiates out of the Helical, it is continuously spun through 360 degrees of polarization, millions of time per foot and actually bores through space as it propagates. This insures uniform coverage yielding crystal clear audio and eliminating dropouts. This same 360-degree coverage is also provided when the Helical is used as a wireless microphone receiver antenna.

The 13in unit features a sturdy 13in base, weighs less than 4lb, is molded from indestructible Polycarbonate, and includes a protective trim ring. PWS also supplies an aluminum mounting block threaded for both 5/8-27 and 3/8-16 (Euro) mic stands A custom model for frequencies lower than 490MHz is available by special order.

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