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New guide to Panasonic's AJ-SDX900 DVCPro camcorder makes debut

Goodman’s Guide to the Panasonic AJ-SDX900

A new guide to using the Panasonic AJ-SDX900 DVCPRO cinema camcorder, written by filmmaker journalist Robert Goodman, has been published.

Goodman’s Guide to the Panasonic AJ-SDX900 is based on real-world location work and provides the reader with a thorough look at the options available camcorder operators.

The 240-page guide is composed of an overview of the camera’s anatomy, camera menus organized by function, camera imaging, a section on creating looks for the AJ-SDX900, recording operations, audio controls, lenses, accessories, monitoring, power requirements and troubleshooting. The guide includes a mini-CD that contains the manual’s imagery and operating manuals for the camcorder and its remote control.

The guide has a suggested list price of $125 and is free to current AJ-SDX900 owners by contacting a Panasonic sales representative or flagship dealer.

To locate a Flagship dealer, call 1-800-528-8601.

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