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New comms system streamlines OB operations for Observe Outside Broadcast

Observe Outside Broadcast, a remote broadcast and TV company that covers sports and entertainment events in Ireland, has streamlined the setup and operations of its live broadcast productions with the addition of a new communications system from
Studio Technologies.

The OB company has added the Studio Technologies Model 46 two-wire-to-four-wire interface to its fleet of vehicles to interface between existing four-wire, 96-port RTS Telex matrix systems on each truck and the remote two-wire beltpacks carried by crew members.

The Observe fleet consists of the flagship HD1 HD/SD truck, capable of fielding 25 cameras; the HD2 HD/SD truck, offering eight camera capabilities; and the SS3 SD truck, which supports 22 cameras. The trucks cover sporting events such as the RBS 6 Nations Rugby and international soccer games.

"The HD1 is the only OB truck in Ireland integrated around 5.1 and Dolby E, receiving full Dolby approval, so it is very much in demand," says Alan Burns, managing director for Observe. "The Model 46 helps us to solve problems in the field and delivers excellent audio quality."

The Model 46 is designed to be the reliable connection between two-wire full-duplex party-line intercom circuits and four-wire audio circuits associated with matrix intercom systems. It provides two independent, full-featured, two-channel interfaces. Each interface contains two hybrid circuits, which include an automatic nulling capability. The analog circuitry, under software control, provides excellent audio quality and high return-loss. The Model 46 is capable of supplying DC power, allowing direct operation of such devices as user beltpacks. It is also compatible with party-line circuits that include already include powering.