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New CEA/EIA Standard Outlines Transport and Coding Requirements for DTV

The Consumer Electronics Association, in cooperation with the Electronics Industries Alliance, recently approved and published the EIA/CEA-849A standard for source device compatibility with DTV displays. The CEA also received input from the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers.

The standard specifies profiles for various applications of the EIA-775A DTV 1394 Interface Specification, including the types of digital transport methods or content encoding that must be supported. It includes application profiles for digital streams compliant with ATSC terrestrial broadcast, direct-broadcast satellite, U.S. cable and standard definition digital video camcorders. It also specifies transport and content coding formats that DTV must support in order to interoperate with digital audio and video sources. Compliant DTVs will also adhere to the requirements of the EIA-775-A DTV 1394 Interface.

EIA/CEA-849A is also the basis of the CEA's "DTV Link" logo program. The 1394 interface logos were developed to allow consumers to match graphics between retail products for interoperability purposes.