Netflix taps Dolby for HD audio

Netflix has selected Dolby Digital Plus to deliver 5.1-channel surround sound for TV shows and movies streamed instantly over the Internet. The PlayStation3 (PS3) computer entertainment system from Sony is the first consumer electronics device to support 5.1-channel surround sound on movies streamed from Netflix. Netflix said more devices would be added over time to support streaming digital surround sound.

“Netflix is committed to delivering an unparalleled experience to its members who watch TV shows and movies instantly streamed over the Internet,” said Greg Peters, Netflix vice president of product development. “Netflix required an audio solution that could efficiently deliver an outstanding surround-sound experience for a wide range of consumer devices. Dolby Digital Plus proved to be the best solution.”

Dolby Digital Plus supports up to 7.1 channels of premium-quality surround sound and allows consumers to enjoy HD audio from broadcasts, streaming and downloaded media, and Blu-ray Disc. Tens of millions of TVs, set-top boxes, Blu-ray Disc players, A/V receivers and mobile phones have shipped with Dolby Digital Plus.