Net-Cam catches World Cup goal action

Camera Corps’ Net-Cam, a miniature HD camera with an ultra-wide-angle lens, has been designed to capture the entire goal from the rear corner of the net during the World Cup.

“They capture each goal mouth plus the full length of the goal interior without wide-angle distortion or aberration,” said Tim Reynolds, Camera Corps' sales and project coordinator.

Net-Cam also assists with any goal line disputes. Each model incorporates an ultra-compact, remote-controlled pan, tilt and roll head that allows the viewing angle to be adjusted in the event of direct collision from a football. The head is controlled by an operator via the Camera Corps’ CCU panel, eliminating the need for anyone to wait at the pitch side to adjust the camera by hand.

Onboard is a 1/3in, progressive-scan, 2.1-megapixel CMOS sensor delivering 1080 and 720p video at 50Hz or 60Hz. Control facilities include automatic and manual white balance, automatic and manual electronic shutter, HD-SDI video output and on-screen setup menu. Net-Cam's lens captures a 125-degree horizontal field of view.

As well as the two Net-Cams, Camera Corps has provided 10 Com-Cam systems, two robotic box cameras, one robotic tactical camera and one robotic venuewide camera at every one of the 10 venues.

Adrian Pennington

Adrian Pennington is a journalist specialising in film and TV production. His work has appeared in The Guardian, RTS Television, Variety, British Cinematographer, Premiere and The Hollywood Reporter. Adrian has edited several publications, co-written a book on stereoscopic 3D and is copywriter of marketing materials for the industry. Follow him @pennington1