NEP Productions supports production of MLB All-Star Game, Home Run Derby live in 3-D

Major League Baseball’s Home Run Derby on ESPN 3D and All-Star Game on Fox Sports were among the latest high-profile live sporting events to be shot and broadcast in 3-D.

NEP Productions’ new SS32 3-D mobile production truck made its debut at the Angels Stadium in Anaheim, CA, for the live 3-D broadcasts, using three pairs of Sony HDC-1500R HD cameras and six pairs of HDC-P1 box-style HD cameras mounted in beam-splitter Fusion camera rigs supplied by Pace. The 3-D capable production truck also features Sony’s new MVS-8000X single-link 3Gb/s production switcher, which has integrated 3-D production tools and effects capability for 3-D multicamera productions. The MVS-8000X can be configured with up to 200 inputs, 100 outputs and 5M/Es while operating in 1080/60p resolution.

Rob Willox, director of 3-D business development for Sony Electronics, said his engineers are continually applying lessons learned to each new 3-D event the company has been involved with. Sony cameras in pairs for stereoscopic production have been used on most of the live 3-D events in North America and around the world thus far.