NCP Adds Calrec Console to Truck Fleet

New Century Productions (NCP), an Allentown, Pa.-based full-service post production company, has acquired its eighth Calrec Sigma audio. The new console will become an integral part of the NCP’s NCP V production truck, which is currently being rebuilt “from the wheels up”.

The rebuilt vehicle will incorporate Calrec’s Hydra networking and MADI technology to both increase operating flexibility and reduce curb weight. Designers expect that the planned switch from copper cables and patch panels to fiber will cut about 1,000 pounds from the truck.

“Using MADI internally enables us to eliminate some 1,536 cables and an equal number of patch points, reducing weight and bulk and simplifying operations,” said Mike Mundt, NCP’s director of engineering. “The Sigma console displays an input and output page for MADI, making what were once patch points accessible on a computer screen. As a result, setups can be saved and recalled for recurring shows, which further saves time. NCP has a long-standing relationship with Calrec; we purchased our first Q2 in 1998.”

The new console is based on Calrec’s Alpha Bluefin operating platform and can provide up to 320 channel-processing paths. The Calrec Hydra audio networking system is constructed around gigabit Ethernet to convey signals to the 64-fader Sigma mixing console. It also provides monitoring outputs.

The 53-foot truck is being reworked at Little Bay Broadcast in Madbury, N.H., and will be used primarily for coverage of boxing events for Showtime.