NBN Television installs nine Pixel Power BrandMasters

NBN Television, based in Newcastle, Australia, has installed nine Pixel Power BrandMaster systems, three of which are BrandMaster Clips versions. BrandMaster combines high-level graphics capabilities with master control. NBN, a Nine Network free-to-air affiliate, broadcasts to northern New South Wales and into the Queensland Gold Coast with six separate digital streams leaving the broadcast center, each stream further subdivided into three. The services in each market are NBN HD, SD and GO! NBN inserts local advertising and news in all of its outgoing services and markets and receives its playout feeds from Nine in Sydney over fiber and satellite.

The BrandMaster systems handle all of NBN’s services across all of its markets, which means that all of its streams have access to dynamic HD graphics as well as full HD switching. NBN also carries 5.1 audio within the BrandMaster systems across all services.