NBC uses Telemetrics’ robotic systems for views of Olympic village

Telemetrics outdoor robotics systems were mounted throughout the Olympic Village in Turin, including the historic 1934 Mercati Generali building, without compromising the local architecture.

Several outdoor camera control systems from Telemetrics were used by NBC inside the Olympic Village to provide wide-angle views and other panoramic shots as part of its coverage of the Winter Olympic Games in Turin, Italy.

The Telemetrics system employed consisted of the PT-LWP-S3 weatherproof pan/tilt system, the LWP-HOU-S3 weatherproof housing and the CP-D3A control panel. The precision pan/tilt head features provided smooth and quiet camera movements, due to heavy-duty bearings and motors with isolation mounts that replicated the look and feel of a manned camera position. Up to 255 presets were available and the unit was controlled through serial data using RS-232 or RS-422, or through 10/100 Base-T Ethernet.

The CP-D3A desktop control panel allowed operators to simultaneously adjust the pan/tilt/zoom functions of the system via the joystick or to conveniently call up programming camera selects with the touch of a button.

Designed for use with industrial box cameras and motorized zoom lenses, the LWP-HOU-S3 housing opened from the rear to facilitate accessibility during installation. The unit included thermostatic control of internal temperature with a heater, sun shield, fan and window wiper and also housed the electronics to power and control the system.

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