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NBC News tests Sony’s XDCAM

NBC News is using Sony’s new XDCAM professional optical disc system in a pilot test program initiated this spring, in preparation for the network's coverage of the Summer Olympic Games in Athens, Greece, where the gear will see plenty of action.

The XDCAM streamlines the electronic newsgathering workflow by recording high-resolution original and low-resolution, frame-accurate, proxy audio and video. From the camcorder, or mobile deck, ENG and EFP teams can transfer the proxy information to laptop editors or back to the studio up to 30x faster than real time, so producers can immediately start writing scripts or editing programs.

Field engineers can transfer the standard-definition footage either as video or as a data file over IP networks. In the case of compact decks or studio decks, this proxy material will transfer at up to 50x faster than real time.

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