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NBC Bringing Landslide of Election Coverage

The NBC empire—including MSNBC, CNBC, Telemundo, and NBC Mobile—will tackle Election Night from numerous angles with a variety of tools to give political junkies up-to-the-minute and down-to-the-county results.

The NBC channels will also have the coolest electoral map of all the networks, illuminating the skating rink at Rockefeller Plaza (to be dubbed “Election Plaza”) with a map of states that will turn red or blue throughout the night.

Live NBC News feeds will also be projected on large outdoor screens at the plaza, creating a likely live election-watch party for Manhattanites.

McCain and Obama banners will rise 16 stories up NBC News world headquarters at 30 Rock, counting up to 270, the number of electoral votes needed to win the presidency.

NBC News correspondents will report live throughout the evening for the network, MSNBC and, from Obama-Biden headquarters in Chicago, McCain-Palin headquarters in Phoenix, and in Florida, Ohio, Colorado and Alaska.

Online, is unveiling its "Decision '08 Dashboard." It includes multimedia features and interactive maps along with live video streaming of election coverage, which users will be easily able to embed in their own Web sites. The site will provide up-to-the-minute electoral counts and exit polling across from across the country.

The Web site’s "Maps & Info" section will feature a national map that dynamically updates results all the way down to the county level. There will also be a real-time discussion board at

Like the candidates, NBC is reaching out to voters in ever new ways. MSNBC and will be posting real-time results on many of Clear Channel Outdoor's 265 displays nationwide. Clear Channel Taxi Media will also update, in real time, election results on its 300 “digital smart top units” atop taxis in New York and Boston.