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NATGEO Doc ‘War Elephants’ Shot with Fujinon Zoom

WAYNE, N.J. –“War Elephants,” a nature documentary featuring the cinematography and conservation efforts of DP Bob Poole was shot using Fujinon lenses.

The documentary first aired on April 22 on Nat Geo WILD. “War Elephants” also won the best documentary prize at the prestigious Sun Valley Film Festival in March.


NGTV’s in-house Director of Photography Eric Cochren for “War Elephants” turned the cameras on Poole, whose award-winning cinematography sheds light on the dangers facing the majestic but threatened animals of the African plains. “War Elephants” prominently features the elephants that roam Mozambique’s Gorongosa National Park. Starting in 1977, a 16-year-long civil war ravaged the country, leaving more than one million people dead and wiping out nearly 95 percent of the park’s wildlife. 

Poole’s lifework— including his efforts to document the life and death struggles of elephants against natural and manmade threats—is the central theme of “War Elephants.” Cochren employed an extreme telephoto HA25x16.5BERD HD Premier Series zoom lens to document Bob’s work. Throughout the film, Poole is seen shooting with his Fujinon HA25x16.5BERD and HA13x4.5BERDHD super wide-angle zoom lens. Poole also utilized his Fujinon TS-P58A external stabilizer for shots requiring image stabilization on either lens.