NAB Urges Localism Comments as FCC Extends Deadline

NAB and other groups had asked the FCC to extend the deadline for filing comments on its rulemaking on broadcast localism from March 14 to April 28. The FCC has done so.

Reply comments, originally due April 14, will be due June 11.

NAB and other broadcasters told the FCC the rulemaking notice “is vast in terms of both scope and potential impact” and they needed more time to review the 80,000 comments already submitted ahead of the notice.

“Parties must consider the disparate impacts that the commission’s conclusions and suggestions concerning content-based renewal processing guidelines ascertainment, station playlists, the main studio rule, and automated operations will have on different sectors of the broadcasting industry, including both radio and television stations, small and large stations, broadcasters in small, mid-sized and large markets, and station groups and independent stations.

NAB urged broadcasters to submit comments on the issue to the FCC here.