NAB Reinforces No Tuner Mandates for Next Gen TV

WASHINGTON—Next generation television is garnering a lot of attention, but one area that the National Association of Broadcasters does not understand getting attention is an alleged tuner mandate. NAB has issued an ex parte communication to the FCC saying that it and its fellow petitioners have not sought a tuner mandate for the Next Gen TV standard for either fixed or mobile devices.

Despite this, NAB says that six different parties representing wireless interests have come out and publicly opposed such an idea. The parties include Motorola Mobility; T-Mobile USA, Inc.; Ericsson; Nokia; Ethertronics, Inc.; and Qualcomm Incorporated.

“In light of the fact that NAB has never sought or suggested a tuner mandate, it is curious that some key players in the wireless industry display such great fear over the potential of increased competition for mobile video delivery,” wrote Patrick McFadden, NAB’s associate general counsel in the ex parte. “Why else would this list of companies fear a ghost? If anything, the Commission should recognize that this advocacy demonstrates the potential of Next Gen TV to create real competition in the marketplace. Indeed, it may be one of the strongest arguments for moving forward to approve the use of Next Gen TV as quickly as possible.”

The ex parte communications was sent to FCC Secretary Marlene H. Dortch.

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