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NAB Produces Congressional PSA Campaign

WASHINGTON—NAB’s 2013 Congressional PSA Campaign will distribute more than 800 public service announcements featuring members of Congress and their families to television and radio stations nationwide. The free spots focus on social and health issues pertinent to each lawmaker’s district or state.

This year’s campaign featured 244 members of Congress (or family members), a participation record.

“For more than 25 years, this campaign has made it possible for lawmakers and their family members to directly address issues of concern to local communities,” said NAB Executive Vice President Dennis Wharton. “Public service is the hallmark of local broadcasting, and NAB urges radio and television stations across America to air these important pro-social messages.”

The PSAs will be distributed throughout each relevant district or state for broadcasting through the end of 2013, with some offered in Spanish. Topics included breast cancer awareness, cancer prevention, cyber bulling, distracted driving, fire prevention, mental health, support for returning veterans and volunteerism.

The spots can be downloaded at the NAB Congressional PSA website. Additional information, including satellite coordinates and time code for the four Congressional PSA satellite feeds, is available here.

To order television dubs, email or call (202) 429 5350.