NAB president wary of plan to allow unlicensed devices to use vacant TV spectrum

The National Association of Broadcasters has expressed “serious concerns” about FCC proposed rulemaking allowing unlicensed wireless devices to vacant frequency currently allocated for television broadcasting.

The FCC Notice of Proposed Rule Making relies on “smart radio” technology in a new generation of wireless devices to prevent interference with broadcasters. (For more information on the proposal, see FCC Actions in this edition of RF Update.)

In a statement released May 13, NAB president and CEO Edward Fritts raised concern about potential interference from wireless devices allowed to use vacant TV spectrum.

“We have serious concerns that the introduction of unlicensed devices into the television band could result in unforeseen interference in broadcast service to millions of television viewers,” said Fritts. “Free, over-the-air television provides invaluable news, information and entertainment to local communities all over America and serves as a lifeline to citizens in times of crisis. We will work with the FCC to ensure that this proposal can be accommodated while preserving interference-free, over-the-air television."

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