NAB pavilions offer attendees chance to get immersed in technology

The National Association of Broadcasters convention will offer those attending the show the opportunity to get immersed in technology at its Exhibit Pavilions.

Unlike exhibitor booths where one company displays its latest offerings along with the breadth of its products, the exhibit pavilions bring together technology, users and vendors with similar interests and offer learning opportunities on the show floor.

The pavilions address seven areas including: the Avid developer community, digital asset management, DTV/HDTV consumer and ATSC products, sound mixing, digital media theater and international broadcast.

Among the highlights are:

  • Avid Developer Community Pavilion offering Avid Technology’s partners an opportunity to showcase their developments. Avid sponsors the Avid AVX, MetaSync Digidesign and SOFTIMAGE|SDK partner programs to help developers extend the capabilities of Avid’s solutions. The pavilion will give Avid users a firsthand look at the wealth of offerings from Avid’s development community.
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM) Pavilion featuring the DAM Theater, which will offer demonstrations, speakers and panel discussions from companies in the DAM, data backup, storage management, SAN, NAS, metadata management and network storage security fields. Don’t miss the DAM reception April 20 at 4:30 p.m., either.
  • The DTV Drafthouse will offer a refreshing mix of HDTV and DTV consumer products, interesting ATSC developments and beer, wine and cocktails.
  • The NAB Sound Pavilion offers those who visit the chance to mix a live multi-track DVD project with the help of two audio pros. The pavilion features 16 Peavey consoles and accessories, which will be used during three 90-minute workshops each day. Get ready to learn how to set proper levels, fine-tune reverb and mix broadcast sound.
  • Digital Media Theater will provide instructions on encoding, compression and delivery technologies.
  • Satellite Business and Technology Pavilion will cover satellite, fiber, wireless broadband and DAB technologies, including equipment and services. Every day, 15-minute sessions will cover topics like MPEG-4, DTH, repurposing broadcast content, digital cinema and starting your own TV channel.
  • International Pavilion will offer regional exhibits from Korean, Bavarian and U.S./U.K. partner pavilions.

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