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NAB enlists Bob Barker to promote digital transition

Retired game show host Bob Barker will appear in a series of promotional spots to discuss the upcoming switch to digital television.

The commercials will be produced by the NAB and encourage viewers to upgrade their sets so they can continue receiving television signals after the transition on Feb. 17, 2009. NAB distributed the spots to television stations across the country on July 24.

One of the new 30-second commercials is online at

Barker also stars in spots targeted at the Wilmington, NC, market, which will transition to DTV in September as part of an FCC experiment.

The NAB said that broadcasters nationwide have committed more than $1 billion to DTV transition education efforts. For its part, the NAB has provided numerous television spots for stations to use to educate viewers, and will release additional spots in the coming months featuring popular entertainment personalities.