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Multi-service TV to be examined at all-day conference at IBC

About the only thing that’s certain about the shape of the future of television is that it won’t be 4:3 very much longer.

From the production, management and archiving of program material to new delivery technologies which make interactive television a reality, digital technology is fueling a revolution in television that’s unmatched in scope and importance.

At IBC2003, attendees will have an opportunity to develop a perspective on this revolution, glean detailed information on the technologies driving it and the standards behind the technologies, such as MHP, OCAP, DRM and MPEG-4. On Sept. 15, Sun Microsystems will sponsor a conference that will explore the delivery of television services over multiple networks.

Entitled “Deploying Multiservice Television -Open Systems for TV Services,” the all-day conference will explore a variety of topics presented in separate sessions, including:

  • MHP, OCAP and Open Standards TV. The benefits of offering interactive television services with the help of open standards like Multimedia Home Platform (MHP) and Open Cable Application Platform (OCAP) touch the content development, regulatory and economic aspects of the business. This session explores how to take advantage of interactive television.
  • Architecting for an On-demand World. Explores planning and deployment of on-demand infrastructures that offer attractive cost-per-stream and business environments.
  • Reducing Cost and Complexity for Digital Asset Management in the Broadcast Industry. Co-sponsored by Artesia, this session looks at how Sun and its partners are developing and deploying a digital asset management reference solution.
  • Content Storage. Co-sponsored by StorageTek, this session explores using networked storage and storage virtualization to make a seamless transition from on- , near- and off-line content to always-available media content.
  • Telco TV: The Broadband Opportunity. Co-sponsored by Alcatel and Kasenna, this session examines recent developments that have breathed fresh life into deploying IP-based television.
  • New Revenue Models with Open Digital Management in the Broadcast Industry. Co-sponsored by T-Systems, July Systems and DMDsecure, this session delves into digital rights management (DRM), examines the Open DRM architectures and how a DRM platform can drive innovative business models.
  • Internet Streaming & Content Protection. Co-sponsored by Internet Streaming Media Alliance, this session reviews the steps groups like ISMA have taken to integrated MPEG-4, RTSP and encryption and authentication into standards frameworks.

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