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MTVNHD Expanding to Nearly 30 Nations

By the end of 2009, MTV Networks said it plans to grow its current international HD presence to eight more countries on both sides of the Atlantic. By the Christmas holidays, its HD service (MTVNHD) will expand to include the primary markets of Austria, Brazil, Croatia, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Portugal and Spain. (Most viewers in several of these locations obtain their HD services via DBS, where available.)

MTVNHD was first initiated outside America last fall and currently is offered in 21 countries. (By year's end, with the new additions, that number will grow to 29.) MTV Network's overseas operations are run by a group dedicated to "emerging markets" penetration, according to Variety. The MTVNHD channel's main base is Warsaw, Poland.

Virgin Media, a United Kingdom cabler, will soon offer MTVNHD in the U.K. (as well as FX HD and National Geographic HD). Rival BSkyB, the DBS firm owned by Rupert Murdoch, already offers MTV's HD venue.