MSTV: Testing of spectrum-sharing proposal requires clarification of proposal

The Association for Maximum Service Television has asked the FCC to clarify portions of its proposal to let unlicensed devices operate in unused spectrum previously reserved for use by television broadcasters.

In the June 21 filing, the association asserted that questions had been raised about the practical feasibility of allowing unlicensed devices to share TV spectrum.

Discussion of the commission’s proposal will rely on a full evaluation of the premise that unlicensed devices and TV broadcasters can coexist without interference.

The MSTV intends to conduct a laboratory evaluation of the interference potential of unlicensed devices on existing analog and DTV receivers, assess the available spectrum for unlicensed devices and perform other testing to determine the ability of unlicensed equipment to provide protection from interference to broadcast signals.

MSTV seeks clarifications including:

  • minimum/maximum operating bandwidth and channelization;
  • operation within a single or multiple channels;
  • modulation type;
  • desired and undesired signal levels; and
  • a definition of other available models besides the broadcast F (50,50) curves referenced in the commission proposal

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