Most people prefer watching Super Bowl on TV to attending game, says survey

Nearly six people in 10 would prefer to watch Super Bowl XLVI on a state-of-the-art TV as opposed to from the stands, according to a new poll conducted by

The poll, the "Television Super Bowl Survey" from the electronics products deal aggregation website, found 59 percent prefer watching the game on the TV, and that 25 percent of shoppers are thinking of buying a new set before the Feb. 5 game. A total of 63 percent of respondents also said they plan to spend more on the TV they buy than on the last television they bought.

The survey found 8 percent of consumers are regularly driven to buy TVs prior to the Super Bowl. Among those who bought a TV last year for the game, 58 percent may buy another for this year's Super Bowl. According to survey results, 30 percent said they would buy a new set, and 28 percent said they are considering a pre-Super Bowl purchase.

When those that didn't buy a new set for last year's game are factored in, 25 percent of all those surveyed said they are considering purchasing or will buy a new TV before the game — 7 percent said they will buy and 18 percent said they are considering the purchase.

Screen size is an important faction in fan enjoyment of the game. The survey found 72 percent of consumers believe the size of a TV impacts how positive the Super Bowl viewing experience is.

The survey also found that 53 percent of shoppers who will buy a TV before the Super Bowl want an HDTV with an LED light source. Of all features available for TVs, high resolution is the most important television feature when watching football according to 60 percent of shoppers. Picture within a picture at 1 percent and sound quality at 2 percent were the least important features.