More evidence of HD disconnect emerges

Quoting a Magid Media Futures spokesperson, “USA Today” reported recently that less-than-satisfying HD programming choices are restricting hardy endorsements from owners of the HDTV sets that might otherwise help to propel HDTV sales further.

The article, “Confusion over high-def TV dampens enthusiasm,” quotes director of Magid Media Futures Maryann Baldwin as saying that broadcasters haven’t adequately promoted HD programming to viewers.

The newspaper quoted statistics from a Frank N. Magid Associates Study that found that 47 percent of HDTV buyers said they looked forward to watching programs in HD. According to the paper, that figure has slipped 16 percent from 2004.

The article identifies a lack of HD channels, confusion over pricing and intimidating technology as some of the factors dampening consumers’ attitudes toward HDTV. The survey found that consumers ranked their satisfaction level with HDTV at seven on a scale of one to 10, the paper reported.

The paper also reported that 30 percent of HDTV owners have not subscribed to a cable or satellite HD programming source. Last week, HD Technology Update reported that In-Stat senior analyst, Converging Markets & Technologies Group, Mike Paxton found the gulf between HDTV owners and HD service households to be significantly larger. Fully 60 percent of HDTV owners don’t receive HD programming via cable, satellite or terrestrial broadcast.