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Mobile TV next killer app, says NSR mobile TV study

In what it bills as the “most complete 360-degree analysis of convergence trends influencing the MoTV business,” research firm NSR draws a complex picture of mobile TV and mobile video as challenging in ways that don’t easily adapt to business lessons transferable from past models.

Complex ecosystems and evolving business cases will shape the spaces mobile video will occupy in markets and the shapes they’ll assume. And that’s the rationale for NSR’s new multidimensional report, “Free Mobile TV: A Journey, Not a Destination,” which casts a large net over factors affecting mobile TV from advertisement accountability to terrestrial-wireless crossplatform service bundling.

NSR’s predicts that mobile TV growth will turn on aligned developments in mobile, broadcast, advertising and the Internet that empower mobile users and drive use and monetization down new paths. The report covers:

  • Extensive bottom-up market forecasts, with regional forecasts of mobile TV markets for terrestrial and satellite broadcast as well as unicast 3G/4G
  • Regional revenue forecast breakdowns
  • Customizable business case models for broadcast and unicast mobile TV
  • Analysis of converging trends across mobile, broadcast, telecom, cable, satellite and Internet that impact the mobile TV business
  • Head-to-tail analysis of mobile TV and mobile video distribution economics in the broadcast, unicast, side-loading and place-shifting paradigm
  • A forward-looking view at mobile service "platformization" and crossplatform advertising