Mobile MicroTuner Receives L-band DVB-H Frequencies

The Microtune MT2262 tuner is the industry's first single chip tuner for handheld TV devices using the L-band U.S. DVB-H network, the company reports. The chip is based on Microtune's multi-band DVB-H tuner, the MT2260, which was announced two weeks ago. James A. Fontaine, President and CEO of Microtune, said the company's multi-band DVB-H tuners provide a common platform for manufacturers to develop handsets for worldwide markets without re-engineering hardware or software. "Now, our single-band MT2262 tuner permits manufacturers to target the U.S. with a cost-optimized solution for Crown Castle's planned DVB-H network. It also offers all the differentiating advantages of our Mobile MicroTuner technology--high functional integration, very low power and design flexibility," he said.

The MT2262 includes all the active circuitry needed to provide a digital baseband output from an L-band input. The chip has a single-ended low noise amplifier (LNA) that eliminates the need for a transformer balun. The chip operates from a 2.7-volt power supply and consumes 20-40 milliwatts in viewing mode. Sleep mode power consumption is only 250 microwatts. Microtune reports this should allow for up to 10 hours of TV viewing with 2 or 4-inch displays and 800 mAh or 1300 mAh batteries, respectively,

Samples of the MT2262 will be available in July. Current cost is $4.00/unit in quantities of 10,000. For more information, see the Microtune news release.