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Mobile DTV Usage to be Measured

WASHINGTON: The Open Mobile Video Coalition said today it formed alliance with Harris Interactive and Rentrak to measure mobile DTV consumption. The triad will study consumer usage habits during the OMVC’s Washington, D.C. launch of the service in which eight local TV stations will transmit up to 20 free channels of programming to specially equipped netbooks, cell phones, accessory Wi-Fi receivers, and portable DVD players.

OMVC said it would evaluate “quantitative and qualitative usage for each of the selected device platforms.” The intention is to get more information on early adoption, use of pay services, interactive options and other usage habits. The research will be carried out this spring and summer.

“One of the key advantages of Mobile DTV is the built-in ability to measure viewer activity, giving broadcasters a much better picture of what consumers are actually watching, when they watch, and where,” said Brandon Burgess, OMVC president and ION Media Networks chairman and CEO. “We’ve selected Harris Interactive and Rentrak to perform this important service with devices that have a return channel, and we anticipate that this window into consumer behavior will help us deliver more relevant information and entertainment to viewers.”

Washington area stations participating in this OMVC Consumer Showcase include WDCA-DT (Fox Television Stations); WUSA-DT (Gannett Broadcasting); WPXW-DT (ION Media Networks); WRC-DT (NBC Universal); WHUT-DT (Howard University/PBS); WNVC-DT (MHz Networks); WNUV-DT (Sinclair Broadcast Group); and WFDC-DT (Univision Communications). The OMVC says than 30 TV stations around the country are transmitting mobile DTV signals.