MLB Network Taps Front Porch Archiving System

Front Porch Digital, a content storage management company, has announced that its DIVArchive system had been deployed by the New Jersey-based MLB cable network. The sports oriented operation adds more than 50 TB of content to its library every week during the baseball season.

“We record up to 15 complete baseball games a day during the season, along with our live programming and shows,” said Tab Butler, director of media management at the MLB Network. “DIVArchive is key to the technology that enables us to capture, catalog, and protect more information -- and more historic baseball moments -- than ever before.”

The network was launched early in January this year and has already amassed more than 30,000 hours of content. In addition to baseball game coverage, the MLB Network also generates some nine hours of studio program daily, with such shows as “MLB Tonight” and “Quick Pitch.”

“When the design of our digital asset management system was happening, Front Porch Digital was identified as the best middle-ware solution by far,” said Mark Haden, the MLB Network’s vice president of engineering and IT. “Their proven prowess in the area of controlling, moving, and protecting important video files is impressive and made this one choice easy in comparison with the hundreds of others we were faced with here during design and integration.”