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Media Bureau rejects request to halt Comcast-NBCU merger proceeding

The FCC Media Bureau denied a request April 5 from the Mabuhay Alliance opposing the acquisition of NBC Universal by Comcast and asking the commission to stop its merger proceedings.

Mabuhay, which filed its petition with the commission March 22, made the request “on behalf of Asian Americans.” On its Web site, Mabuhay, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, describes itself as “the leading resource and service provider to the Pan Asian and other underserved communities for home ownership retention and small business growth and development."

The group asked the commission to halt its proceeding until “widespread public hearings” can be held and the FCC “examines in a formal process the diversity content implications of the transaction on Asian Americans and other minorities.” Mabuhay also asked the commission to appoint a “Special Master” to collect thorough program content information from Comcast and NBCU. On March 25, NBCU and Comcast filed opposition to the request.

In denying Mabuhay’s request to halt the merger proceeding, the Media Bureau said, “We seek to conduct this proceeding in a manner that is fair, transparent and efficient. This includes inviting input from all concerned persons or entities.”

That proceeding, the bureau said, “includes inviting input from all concerned persons or entities” and “a lengthy pleading cycle to allow interested parties to raise issues of concern about the proposed transaction.” The bureau also reject Mabuhay’s request for the appointment of a Special Master.