Maxim unveils single-conversion tuner for DVB-H mobile TV

The MAX2165 tuner covers the 470-780MHz UHF range.
The new MAX2165 single-conversion tuner from Maxim Integrated Products is designed for DVB-H mobile TV applications.

Maxim Integrated Products recently unveiled its MAX2165, a single-conversion tuner for DVB-H-based mobile TV applications.

The MAX2165 integrates all tuning functions along with an RF-tracking filter; low-noise amplifier; transmit-reject notch filter; and programmable baseband, low-pass channel-selection filters into a 5mm by 5mm, 28-pin TQFN. It consumes 21mW of power at 8 percent duty cycle, covers a 470MHz-780MHz UHF-signal range and operates from a single 2.85V power supply. Fully compliant with MBRAI and NorDig requirements, it is specified to operate over the –40 degrees to 85 degrees Celsius extended temperature range.

An evaluation kit and reference designs for the MAX2165 are now available.

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