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Maxell expands DVCPRO line of videocassettes with DVCPRO-HD

Maxell has introduced the DVCPRO-HD videocassette for HD applications and the 126-minute DVCPRO 50XL videocassette for extra-long DV recording.

Both products are highly durable and capable of operating in extreme environments, making them well-suited for ENG/EFP recording and extended archiving.

With its DVCPRO-HD videocassette, Maxell has improved the intensity of the HD tape’s magnetic layer with the adoption of ceramic armor metal particles and a durable binder system. This combination produces a product that is capable of operating in extreme environments. The videocassette’s calendaring technology process – which results in high levels of output, low noise and low error rate levels due to excellent C/N – serves to ensure the preservation of the highest quality for both image and sound.

DVCPRO-HD products will be available in 33- (M), 64- (L) and 126- (XL) minute lengths; DVCPRO50 will be available in a 126- (XL) minute length.

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