Manfrotto introduces remote controls for ENG lenses

Manfrotto has unveiled the 521FN and 521CN remotes specifically designed for the evolving professional ENG lens market.

The new remotes are built onto small clamps, which unlike remotes mounted onto a pan bar, allow them to be attached to any number of places, including tripods, monopods or even jib arms.

The 521FN for Fujinon and the 521CN for Canon feature a record start and stop button as well as an RET switch. The remotes offer a professional thumb zoom wheel that comfortably fits the hand for fine adjustment and smooth zooming.

The 521FN and 521CN also offer a finger-activated slide switch, giving the user the ability to pre-select a zoom speed or change the zoom speed mid-shot. Additionally, the new remotes provide a clamping and locking mechanism to make certain the camera is secure.

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