Managing image quality critical to viewer satisfaction, business success

Most people in the industry would agree that image quality matters. But for Bruce Devlin, Chief Technology Officer of AmberFin, the question is: How much does image quality matter in the overall consumer uptake of new services for digital content?

AmberFin set out to learn where quality stands on the list of priorities among those offering services, like VOD, Internet TV and HDTV on different platforms. Those people must balance offering a level of quality viewers will find acceptable with real financial concerns, such as how much bandwidth is enough.

Not surprisingly, they all said quality is important, but they also told AmberFin it’s at least equally as important to manage image quality. After all, image quality is just one component to be factored into the complex equation of delivering satisfactory viewer experiences without needlessly running up expenses for bandwidth.

This week, Devlin discusses what he learned from the survey.

This week’s Sound Off is presented as a podcast.

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