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LSI Single-Chip Tuner for ATSC DTV

LSI Logic has announced a new single-chip RF tuner, the DPS7040, that Mike Paxton, a multimedia analyst at In-Stat/MDR claims, "meets the FCC's stringent digital TV tuner standards and provides manufacturers with a single-chip RF tuner solution for the next-generation of television appliances." The tuner receives TV signals from 48 to 870 MHz and downconverts them to an intermediate frequency (IF) in the 30 to 60 MHz range.

According to the LSI news release "The synthesizer and oscillator sections have been designed to exhibit exceptional close-in phase noise, making this IC an ideal choice, for applications that require support for DTV standards." The chip includes a low-noise amplifier (LNA), a variable gain IF amplifier, RF automatic gain control, filters, mixers and oscillators.

Ravi Shenoy, Director of Analog and RF Technologies at LSI Logic explained, "The DPS7040 RF tuner permits manufacturers to cut space, minimize component cost and hit the market windows required by the FCC mandate. The unique design of our RF tuner chip means that there is no need for specific radio frequency (RF) alignments, giving digital flat panel, PCTV Card and STB manufacturers much easier and quicker development of applications."

A search of did not provide any additional detail or specifications for the chip, so it is impossible to determine if it meets the ATSC Recommended Practice A/74 Receiver Performance Guidelines.