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LPTV Auction #81 Scheduled for Sept. 14

The FCC has scheduled an auction of LPTV construction permits for Sept. 14, 2005. Auction 81 will offer 113 construction permits for LPTV, television translator and Class A TV broadcast stations. This auction covers mutually exclusive short-form applications filed on or before Aug. 4, 2000. Only applicants identified in Public Notice DA 05-1337, Attachment A are eligible to participate in the auction. Only one construction permit will be awarded to the winning bidder for a particular mutually exclusive (MX) application group, even if the bidder has submitted more than one engineering proposal in the MX group.

As Lower 700 MHz Auction (Channels 52-59) winners begin build out of their systems, it will be interesting to see how much interest there is in the auctions for channels above 51. Several applications for these channels and a few above channel 59 are listed in Attachment A.