LMCTV Strives for New Heights With Tightrope Systems

ST. PAUL, MINN.—Tightrope Media Systems is giving a boost to Larchmont-Mamaroneck Community Television (LMCTV) in New York, announcing it has upgraded the broadcaster’s video playout capabilities and online offerings with Cablecast HD video servers and streaming technology.

LMCTV features three channels that recently made the move toward HD distribution. Having used Cablecast automation and playout systems for the past eight year, LMCTV upgraded its equipment to the Cablecast SX2HD and Cablecast SXHD LE multi-format video servers for HD playout, and a Cablecast Live streaming server and Cablecast Reflect cloud-based delivery service to offer HD streams to online and mobile viewers. The new systems also integrate with LMCTV’s existing Carousel technology from Tightrope for its bulletin board service.

Though LMCTV is only able to offer HD content online through live streaming, its Chief Operating Officer Matt Sullivan says that the new technology allows them to be ready for HD television distribution when it becomes available.