Liman to offer vision of how to redefine must-see TV

Director and producer Doug Liman will present a keynote speech, entitled "Redefining Must See TV," at NAB2008, Monday, April 15.

Liman’s keynote will address the reality of network programming and what it will take to create the first hit for the Web.

Liman directed box-office hits such as “Swingers,” “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” “Go” and, most recently, “Jumper.” Through his company Hypnotic, he produced the Jason Bourne series and helmed its launch film, “The Bourne Identity.” Liman also heads up Jackson Bites, a company dedicated to creating TV-style programming for alternative distribution.

Liman produces, markets and distributes film and TV content under the Dutch Oven label, and the projects he has shepherded include this year's hit “Knight Rider” as well as “Heist” and “The O.C.” Liman served as the executive producer for the first season of “The O.C.” and also directed the series' pilot and first episodes.

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