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Largest African Broadcaster signs up for AP’s ENPS

LONDON: SABC, the largest broadcaster on the continent of Africa has committed its news production future to ENPS by placing an order for the newsroom computer system of The Associated Press. South African Broadcasting Corp. will deploy ENPS nationwide and across both television and radio--an installation which will encompass 15 sites in total. The decision was made after a public tender process and rigorous evaluation. AP’s main integration partners will be Quantel and Miranda and the systems integrator will be ATG Broadcast.

The scale of SABC’s requirements will put the project in the top bracket of ENPS installations around the world.

ENPS has been represented throughout the sales and assessment process by Inala Broadcast, the authorized ENPS Distributor for southern Africa since 2007. Inala Broadcast will be heavily involved in installing, training and commissioning the system, as well as providing ongoing support for the SABC’s newsgathering operations within ENPS.

In Africa, ENPS is already installed from Algerian TV (ENTV) and Egyptian State TV (ERTU) in the north to CNBC Africa, Botswana TV/Radio, TV Zimbo and Summit TV in the south.