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Lakewood Church Taps Fujinon For HD Lenses

Lakewood Church, a mega-church in Houston led by Joel Osteen, has purchased eight Fujinon HD lenses as part of its $95 million upgrade of its new home at the Compaq Center.

The 16,000 arena, now home to the church, is host to a service that integrates multimedia video and graphics displays and dramatic, theatrical staging of singers and musicians. To achieve this effect, the church purchased two HD ENG lenses from Fujinon, which are used in Sony HDC-900 fixed cameras, as well as three HA13x4 5 BERM and three HA22x7.8BERM HD ENG lenses, used on Sony HDC-950 handheld cameras.

Video is shot in HD, and the imagery is downconverted to SD. Lakewood Church plans to upgrade to all-digital HD production, complete with 5.1 surround sound in two years.